There are many concerns in the Australian community in regard to the Muslim immigration into Australia over the recent years as well as the most recent issues related to Chinese Nationals involved in a number of concerning matters within Australia. Because of all these concerns the Christians for Community strongly recommends a full inquiry into immigration history into Australia since 1900 until the present day, with the view of discovering any social concerns that need urgent attention.


There have been many waves of immigration into Australia that have been caused by major military conflicts. Those conflicts include the WW 1, WW 2, Korean War, Vietnam conflict and some conflicts on the African continent. There were issues from time to time; however the new communities soon were mostly accepted by most Australians. It is important that social cohesion be a major concern of the Australian Government and in the past we have seen policies that have overcome the difficulties that the historical immigration seem to develop and we believe some answers may be developed as a result of a full and robust inquiry.

In recent years we have seen a growing sense of social disunity as some of the refugees have come to our country. The disorderly manner, in particular, of the arrival of some of the refugees and the fast tracking from refugee status to that of citizenship to applicants when full character checks were not sufficiently examined. This is the source of the social unrest and is a significant point of tension giving rise to many “racists” remarks and actions in regard to our current immigration program which has created a huge divide within and across our communities.

Christians for Community sees the extent of this problem and will again re-establish a just, fair and compassionate immigration process for all intending to become Australian citizens, we hope to put behind us forever this sorry divisive path we have followed in recent years. We have a new way and a new direction.


  • A full and complete unbiased as possible Inquiry into immigration from 1900 until 2022 to establish good and bad processes.

  • The Inquiry to examine the economic and social values affected by various groups of immigrants.