There has been a strong sense of denial of the facts by successive governments concerning various toxic substances and it is only after considerable legal and community challenges to governments over multiple years that eventually restrictions of the product use is recommended.

The decision in 1988 to use an effective firefighting foam that has had some known very dangerous and deadly consequence ought not to have happened. When it came to light that this foam had serious health issues it should have been immediately withdrawn from use by an Australian firefighting unit, but its continued use at airports (Defence and civil) as well as mine rescue and other firefighting units. Livelihoods of many Australians are now in serious peril; some have serious health issues related to cancers while others cannot sell their polluted properties and are facing financial ruin.

Christian for Community is appalled by the inaction of Government over the years and we desire to make that change in direction.


  1. Stop any further use of the foam immediately

  2. Compensate where appropriate;

  3. Buy out where appropriate at “uncontaminated prices”;

  4. Supply the best possible health care as is required;

  5. Fund research to remediate the polluted soil and ground water.
  6. Commence an urgent clean up and retaining of the polluted areas.
  7. Make all Government Departments subject to the same pollution laws as the general public firstly by an act of parliament and then by a constitutional amendment so that future generations will have a greater protection from future governments.

  8. Any product being developed must be considered as to if it is has any unintended polluting possiblities and if so not to use it and if discovered after use to withdraw it from use immediatly.

No government ought to be above the law of its people!