The Christians for Community appreciates that further education and training is not only a requirement for youth, but also essential for many adults already in the workforce or seeking employment. We believe higher education has a vital dual role in our society as an engine of economic growth, through educating our workforce and producing quality research.


  • The C4C will protect and expand TAFE. Generations of Australians have accessed high quality vocational education through TAFE, leading to secure, well paid jobs.

  • The C4C require equal access to funding for Christian and private tertiary providers and their students.

  • The C4C will work towards a universal standard of education across the country offering all students equal opportunities.

  • The C4C will support teachers in the classroom by ensuring our curriculum is rigorous without being too prescriptive or overcrowded. While also focusing on subject areas best suited to providing employment in the future and more refresher courses.

  • The C4C will encourage educators to promote students to utilise “free periods” through study groups etc.

  • The C4C will work together with social media operators, educators, parents and young people to tackle cyber bullying and other harmful material and behaviour targeted at individual young people online, by measures such as ensuring large social media operators rapidly remove harmful online material directed at our young adults.

  • The C4C would encourage educators to provide an independent counsellor or similar to whom students and/or their parents can address complaints of harassment by staff.

  • The C4C will strengthen higher education and encourage Australians of all ages to further their education so that they can gain a comparative advantage and get ahead in the new global economy.

  • The C4C will ensure the continuation of the current arrangements of university funding.

  • The C4C will work with education/trade skill providers to reduce the burden of red tape, regulation and reporting, freeing up the sector to concentrate on delivering results and services.

  • The C4C will review and restructure government research funding to make sure each dollar is spent as effectively as possible.

  • The C4C will invest further in advanced job skills training – including trade skills.

  • The C4C will boost and retain skills in the workplace and give incentives to employers to take young people and older Australians off welfare and into work.

  • The C4C will restore the demand for trade skills in the workplace – see our jobs policies.