C4C objectives within a taxation system:

The purpose of taxation is to raise funds for the purposes of Govenment including funds for collective welfare – establishing and maintaining community infrastructure – to raise, maintain, and to equipt a effective defence force – to maintain civil order via effective police force, a just court system, an effective corrective services sector, fire bragades, medical emergency services, modern education system.


  • To raise funds sufficient for the necessary work and responsibilities of government.
  • To create an adequate tax base to ensure that the burden of taxation does not fall disproportionately on lower and middle income earners.
  • To ensure that all offshore business transactions attract the full tax burden and to prevent any business using offshore arrangements to reduce tax burdens.
  • To remove current unjust and unfair disincentives for harder work, risk taking, wealth creation and innovation.
  • To remove the current incentives that enable tax evasion, property speculation from non-Australians, the black economy, and the ‘overseas brain drain’.
  • To simplify taxes so as to cut compliant costs and a full review of all the issues related to payroll and stamp duty taxes.
  • To have special purposes taxes to be accounted separately, audited with balances publically available demonstration expenditure purpose.
  • Examination of the retirement income with a view to re-establishment of the pension payments if this can be managed well and effectively with the cost burden shared across the whole of the economy.