For some parents, for a whole range of reasons, will choose home schooling for their children and under the voucher system the basic education fee associated with the child will go to the parents via the sponsoring body for the homeschooler. These funds will be spent on specialists tutoring, text books and other teaching aids, including the management of the program by the sponsoring body.

Policy points:

  • Homeschoolers must demonstrate that they cover the whole curriculum.

  • Homeschoolers must demonstrate progress via assessments managed by the sponsoring body.

  • Homeschoolers who do not demonstrate progress will have funding withdrawn.

  • The management of homeschools will be flexible though checks and balances will assess the progress of each student.mix and mingle with
  • Homeschoolers will be encouraged to mix with other homeschool sponsoring bodies to expand the personal development of the students.
  • Homeschooling sponsoring bodies will be requested to contribute to curriculum development at a State and a Federal level