Defence – Build Them Here

A flexible and robust defence force will have the capacity to design and to build equipment suitable for its own purpose instead of mixing and matching with other nation’s equipment on offer throughout the world, in a time of conflict the supply lines for equipment could be easily cut from our overseas suppliers.

Why build our own:

·        We have the potential labour to do the job;

·        We had the skills necessary –  we can re-establish the skill base again;

·        It makes us more self-sufficient and less reliant on others;

·        We must re-establish our manufacturing base for sustainable employment in the future;

·        We can have more purpose built equipment;

·        We may be able to again enter the civil manufacturing market as a robust player;

·        After the initial establishment cost the equipment should be at substantial savings to the economy.

·        We were strong movers in the forefront of development technology and should again be there to prevent our brain drain continuing unabated.

Time lag to have manufacturing up and in production:

  • With the current orders in place there is sufficient time to establish new manufacturing plants in time for new orders and future developments;
  • Once established we should be able to be in continual production so as to meet replacement scheduals.