The need for timber for building as well as other products and as such we need to grow trees for these and other purposes. The value of trees to the environment is extremely important and we need to plant more than we remove. Most plantation timbers are not native timbers and are often various soft woods and it would seem wise to plant hardwood trees as well as soft wood trees. It possibly most wise to plant a variety of trees in a plantation as the variety will enhance the forest in many ways and the faster growing trees will be able to be harvested while the slower growing trees are still growing. Native trees will be able to assist native animals to live in the forest as well and that will be very desirable.


  • Tax deduction incentives to encourage tree planting.
  • We will encourage re-forestation in plantations and along waterways.
  • We encourage planting of native hardwoods as well as other trees.

  • We encourage selective logging and discourage clear-felling.

  • While farms should be entitled to clear land for farming purposes, farmers should become well informed concerning the value of having good stands of trees to assist in soil water retention and to prevent rising salt levels.

  • We will discourage wood chipping of construction usable timber.
  • The instillation of firebreaks through and around forests and farms is essential to effectively manage the whole of the environment from potential bush fires.

  • The hazard reduction burning of forests and wooded areas is essential and must occur not later than October in each year.
  • It is noted that high temperature fires that boil the sap will kill the trees and must be avoided at all costs.