Christians for Community affirms that it is the sovereign right of any nation to determine who may enter its borders for temporary or permanent stay and that the operations of people smugglers should continue to be disrupted and frustrated.


Refugees seeking to come to Australia must establish their refugee status off shore to Australia or Australian Territories so that any arrival shall be orderly. Christians for Community considers that Australia should treat all unauthorised arrivals humanely and expediently and while considering any claims they make for refugee status the people should be escorted to safe refugee camps off shore to Australia.

The offshore and on shore mandatory detention centres must be shut down as soon as practicable, all persons without authority to be in Australia that cannot quickly prove their refugee eligibility must be removed from Australia to either appropriate refugee camps for processing or to their home country – but it must be safe!

Australia should continue to be a world leader in being a generous haven for genuine refugees through internationally supervised and orderly refugee resettlement programs without compromising our boarder protection. Priority should be given to refugee applicants who are most likely to readily integrate into the Australian way of life, including those who are being persecuted for their Christian faith.

Skilled Migration and Education Migration

Christians for Community has observed that some people use the skilled migration policy and the education policy as a means to circumvent the Boarder Protection and the Immigration Policies of Australia and hence a greater scrutiny on applicants seeking citizenship via this means will be put into place.