The definition of the family unit has changed from the historical traditional family of being related by blood or marriage (one man and one woman). The family unit is very diverse in today’s world and therefore even though some arrangements we may not personally recommend, we however, see the difficult times that we are passing through have distorted the traditional values and we do not ever want to disadvantage a single child in any of our policy decisions.


  • We are strongly pro-life and consider the unborn child to be fully human at conception and we do not support or recommend abortions at any stage of pregnancy. However those who desire an abortion deserve the truth; so we want to have independent counseling, ultra-sound viewing of the unborn child, and information of the procedures of abortions, the possible mental trauma that may follow after an abortion and the assistance on offer to go full term and to deliver the child.
  • Support system for children born into families in great need to assist the nurture of the young child.
  • School voucher system allowing parents right to choose their child’s school.
  • While we will encourage all people to be immunized we will not reduce funding to the family if they are not convinced that immunization is a healthy choice for their children, however we will try and persuade them on the merits of immunization.

  • Protection of children with connection to their family where possible and where not possible training for dysfunctional parents with the view to join the children back with their parents when safe to do so.