The definition of the family unit has changed from the historical traditional family of being related by blood or marriage (one man and one woman). The generational family connections are breaking down in many circumstances and it is from the wider family support was found for struggling families was traditionally found – this needs to be re-discovered to enhance the family support framework. When a family is found to be in crisis we will seek to assist where possible to recover the generational family connection to repair and enhance the crisis family’ experience.


  • When a family is facing a crisis we will seek and encourage assistance from the wider family including the grandparents and where necessary support to put in place that assistance will be funded.
  • Struggling families will be encouraged to seek a parent, grandparent, an adult sibling or other family member to assist during and through the crisis.
  • Dysfunctional families will be encouraged to combine with their grandparents and undergo basic family training programs.

  • In times of trauma the grandparents will be the first called upon to assist in the parenting of the young children.
  • We will seek funding for grandparents to assist in the parenting of children in dysfunctional families.
  • We believe extended family unit is a very valuable resource being destroyed by some social engineering that wants the state to unnecessarily take over the parenting role for our children.