Economy – Business

Business and the Economy

The business and economic activity, in today’s world, should be about creating meaningful jobs so as to liberate all Australians from dependency on the welfare state. To achieve this it is wise that the majority of the products that the Australian community need are produced within Australia by as far as possible by Australian owned businesses. Small businesses are best to achieve this result in many instances as large businesses tend to act as pseudo owners of the employees as the personal connection is removed due to the size of the workforce; though for some enterprises it is imperative that the economies of scale would be better achieved by a larger business.

Businesses need Directives to achieve Wholesome Practices:  

Because of the fallenness of humanity it is not natural for good moral and trustworthy values to flow from business without the oversight of others external to the enterprise. The regulations need to be as few as possible but sufficient to deliver strong regulations to protect employees, employers, customers and consumers. The more fallenness is expressed through businesses and their practices will mean also that there will be a greater need to be overcome the fallenness with greater regulations.

Christians for Community supports:

As far as possible we support the removal of unnecessary regulation for businesses so as to free them up for strong business activity to produce a robust economy with increasing jobs; however, if businesses prove that they are unable to be morally responsible to both their employees and their customers and the environment; then regulations will need to be introduced to impose acceptable standards upon the business community.

Some say that there is a need to remove penalty rates to assist businesses, we disagree as we believe that employees who are “selling their labour” are entitled to sell their labour at differing rates at different times of the day as social, religious, family and entertainment needs compete for the same times as work may require from time to time. It is also imperative that a worker be entitled to “sell his labour” at a higher rate after a reasonable period of time of continuious work, there needs to be consideration as the possiblity of diminished safety after an excessive number of continious hours worked and so regulations to protect the health and safety of all in the workforce.