The world has become complicated and so the concerns of people are causing more trauma than previously and as such this heightened level of concerns is witnessed in our schools and we are convinced of the need for counseling and support for all students and their families via a well-funded chaplaincy program. The purpose is to try to bring down the anxiety in the schools communities so that the self-harm actions of the anxious students will be prevented. We believe a well run chaplaincy program will raise self-worth of all students and thereby cause a downward pressure on bullying and the violence in schools and beyond.


  • We support the use of local chaplains in the school system to support the school community at any point of crisis.

  • Chaplains do not replace school councilors but both councilors and chaplains are complementary to each other.

  • The chaplains will be able to minister to the family beyond the school gate so the circumstances creating concerns in the family home or the community can be the included in the area of ministry of the school chaplains.

  • The choice of using the services of either the chaplain or the school councilor is decision of the student or their family.
  • We believe that each person has a spiritual side to them and the Chaplain is skilled at enhancing that part of a person as they seek to navigate the difficulties of life.

  • We are committed to funding chaplains in all schools