Schools need to be a totally safe learning environment where the emphases are on a fully rounded education for the essential preparation needed for life beyond the school gate. There are often elements of teasing and bullying and discriminatory behaviour in our schools and the school staff need the tools to carefully navigate the students towards better behaviour. In recent years a program called “safe schools” was championed and on close examination of this program it can be shown that it is far from safe; but rather a social engineering program where promotion of questioning of one’s own sexual orientation is at the fore front. This is not considered by the Christians for Community to be a healthy subject to be considered in the school system. In fact we are concerned that this may become a grooming tool for sexual involvement with minor persons under the influence of a teacher.

Policy positions:

  • All schools will encourage a culture of being safe for all people involved in the school system.
  • Discrimination of any child is unacceptable and must be managed carefully so that it is irradiated.

  • The acceptance of people of different races, colour, and abilities should be encouraged as being normal, as we are all different.

  • The so called “safe schools program” will be scrapped because it is both unhelpful for developing young children in their march towards adulthood and cannot deliver a safe environment due to its attempt to socially engineer a diverse and bigoted sexual perverse culture via the classroom.

  • We will oppose the encouragement of sexual transition programs that in recent years have removed the authority of a child’s health from their parents into the hands of social engineers.

  • The theories that distinguish gender from sexuality are both unacceptable and unscientific to be capable of being taught in the school systems and are totally without any scientific or logical foundation and in fact are extremely dangerous to every child.