Disposal of Waste Water

We are baffled and alarmed at the news of disposing of untreated waste water into the ground by drilling large holes and depositing the water in these drilled holes. The concern that these disposal holes are, at times, near potential large aquifers, and should the contamination of the aquifers take place then the cleanup is difficult to determine as well as the effectiveness of any attempted cleanup. We consider that to err on the side of caution at all times in and near our water – both surface and underground water. It is in our view that it is increasingly imperative that we protect our water from any potential contamination as we are a country that needs large resources of clean water and as we often face droughts we must lift the game on the protection of our water sources.


  • All surface and under-ground water must be protected from contamination and we will increase the direction and the powers of the EPA to prevent any possibility of contamination to our valuable resource –WATER.
  • All waste water must be treated to remove any harmful contaminates from the water before disposal.

  • No waste water can be disposed of in water catchment areas and into the ground near any known aquifer where the potential of contamination is even considered to be small.

  • The EPA will need to establish a protocol for the disposal of waste water and or the treatment of the same so as no water resource is unintentionally or intentionally contaminated by the waste water.