The right to have freedom in education means parents must have the right to choose where their children are educated. Recognising that the churches first established education for all colonialist in Australia when the government of the day did not consider education was worthy for the poor and the convicts. The government purchased some of the schools from the churches and in that contract the Churches had the right to have one hour per day to take scripture classes for the betterment of society. We therefore, defend the right of right of private schools to compete with government schools and to establish a balanced framework for funding of education we propose to establish a voucher system that directs where the funding for education to go to the school that the students go to.

Policy points:

  • A voucher system where base funding will be attached to each student and the funding attached to the voucher will follow to the school so chosen by the parents of the child.

  • All schools will cover the main course subject requirements and the Education Inspectors will monitor the compliance to this.

  • A private school will be able to teach within its belief or registered ethos.

  • To remain registered and to receive funding schools must not encourage anti-social, anti-Australian, racial or religious discrimination – while religious principles may be taught.

  • Staff at a private school may be chosen by their concurrence to the ethos and religious convictions of the school.

  • Private schools may seek additional funding for capital works or for assistance for disadvantage students.