For many years we have encourage recycling and yet we find not all the recycled collected items are actually recycled. We need some truth about recycling! We believe we should recycle all we possible can so as to preserve raw materials for the many generations that will follow us. 



  • We require a national audit on the material collected for recycling and how much is recycled and in what form is it recycled.

  • Manufactures must be encouraged to increse the longevity of their products with greater repair options being available.

  • The public will be encouraged to make discarded products available for re use by others if they are now no longer needed by them.

  • We desire to increase our recycled options of products.

  • The recycling of tires is possible to produce a biofuel and we believe this needs investigating and if viable full support to get it into operation.

  • At a time we are promoting green energy options we need to examine the recyclability of the panels of the solar panels and the lithium batteries proposed to be used as well as the blades and other componants on the wind turbines.

  • The use of some recycled material in road construction has proven a real problem as over time moisture has expanded the material and so we require more rigorous examinations of potential problems with recycling processes.

  • The recycling as far as possible should be done in Australia as it is unwise to send our cast off to another place to deal with while we have unemployed people in Australia; as well the transport of our wastes must not unneccessarily cause more pollution.