Christians for Community believes that there should a strong priority given to Christian refugees as they will best adjust and fit into Australia’s historically Christian culture.


We currently have a number of locations of humanitarian crisis which must be compassionately, strategically and logically addressed. The three main reasons for refugees is famine, natural disasters and political and military conflict. The political and military challenges can no longer be ignored and we must aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for the most vulnerable in our very violent world. Australia cannot offer a safe haven for all refugees and so we must prioritize those we are able to assist.

We note that religious ideology and ethnic divisions are often behind the cause of the difficulties that cause the rise of refugees in our world today. As a nation we have the capacity to try, via the United Nations, to understand how to disarm the perpetrators of the violence to reestablish order in the various countries around the world where we see the evidence of conflict causing refugee crisis to continue to become more desperate each day.

All refugees need to be removed from their difficult situation to safe assessment camps where security is supplied by independent UN backed military or law enforcement. Assessments should be done quickly to establish eligibility to be classified as a refugee. An assessment should be made if the circumstance causing the refugee is long term or short term so as to see what future action is needed. It is best if refugee centers are close to the crisis but safe. Those who need to be moved to a secondary place need to be processed and sent to a welcoming host country. It is imperative that the culture of the host country be compatible with the refugee hence Australia would naturally have a priority to accept Christian refugees.

Being accepted as a refugee into Australia will not guarantee a successful pathway to citizenship and a significant term of being accepted as a refugee into Australia is that if and when the events that made a person a refugee were settled they will be returned to their country of origin.