Family and Personal Taxes

The Christians for Community want to show real and effective support for the family unit by supporting the family with a parenting allowance to enable one parent to remain at home as the caregiver to any childern in the family.


  • C4C supports a cut in the top tax rate to in order to restore work incentives. As a starting point for determining the top tax rate the CDP believes that the long term aim should be a tax and benefits system where no one faces effective tax rates higher than about 30%.
  • C4C supports a return to the indexation of tax brackets to stop governments’ profiting from ‘bracket creep’.
  • C4C will introduce income splitting for household members related by blood or marriage.
  • C4C supports deductibility on interest accrued on owner occupied housing.
  • C4C believes that this tax deduction for owner occupied housing should be capped to ensure that the benefit remains with the low or medium income earner.
  • C4C continues to support retention of capital gain tax exemption on all owner-occupied housing.
  • C4C supports the payment of a home maker allowance for families with young children to prevent both parents having to join the workforce and leaving the care of children to third party carers in their absence.
  • C4C supports an enquiry into saving-exempt income tax schemes – to encourage savings.
  • C4C supports low to zero tax on contributions household needs and costs.
  • C4C opposes any plans to broaden the GST to cover the items which are currently exempt, such as fresh food, is proof that the government has absolutely no concern nor consideration to the long-term health effects of such radical measures.