It is important we define the purposes of immigration from the outset and as such we must consider the why of immigration.


Natural growth and movement of peoples whether it be just for a change of a country by a family or a person, or family reunion programs and relationship immigration. – These programs must be balanced so as not exclude people who are not financially well off nor should the program favour just those that have large amounts of money. We think of those who may choose to be a citizen of another country for business reasons alone must be carefully examined.

Border Protection:

Border protection is important and therefore clearly defined Visas must be a strong part of any immigration policy. The Australian Government has to take charge of who comes to Australia and the decision to remain here is not one for the refugees or their lawyers. However refugees must be treated compassionately with the utmost concern for their safety and sent to a safe place to re-settle.
It would be wise to seek the cooperation of as many countries as possible to create safe refugee camps near the points of conflict; such camps would need to be protected by neutral military personnel and the residents would have to be not in conflict with each other. An orderly resettlement of each refugee as they are carefully assessed but with the goal of having each person resettled within the shortest time as possible.

Resettlement must be a priority for all refugees; it may not be Australia but it will be safe

The types of visa categories in general terms:

  • Tourist or visitor’s visa
    Working holiday visa
    Working special purpose visa
    Temporary work visa
    Permanent resident visa
    Refuge or protection visa
    Citizenship Certificate


Determining good character: The term good character should mean proof of residence in an area for at least 10 years and the police certificate indicating all their involvement with that person.

Determining capacity to cover health costs: This can be by insurance or by funds invested and set aside for that purpose.

Determining capacity to learn English: Enrolment in an approved course and attendance of greater than 85% of the lessons.

Determining capacity to understand legal systemAttendance at an approved course where a satisfactory standard is reached.

Determining of taxation as it is applied to employment: Attendance at an approved course where a satisfactory standard is reached.