Green Energy Dilemma

Confessions of Milton Caine regarding the issues related to GREEN ENERGY
As a young child I spent much of my schooling in hospital where I was taught about elements of logic. We most definately need some logic in this debate:

  1. The climate has always changed sometimes catastrophically as in 1200 BC to 1150 BC that caused massive devastation at the end of the Bronze Age – The question is why?
    1. There is evidence of massive volcanic erruptions and earthquakes on the east area of the Mediterranen Sea and in the Middle East at that time and it is reasonable to find a close relationship between these events and the masive change to the environment.
  2. Rising greenhouse gases are blamed for climate change with the offending gas being CO2 – Greenhouses are used in gardening to manage the climate within the greenhouse, hence at 40 degrees below zero in Canada vegetables can be produced in a greenhouse, or even at 50 degrees above in a desert.
  3. Newcastle is to get driverless “buses” run by electricity. – Both under employment and unemployment is very high in the Newcastle/Hunter area, often hidden but revealed in high level of violent crime.
  4. The promotion of electric cars for common usage – The batteries are produced to run these cars by high polluting process so is their breakdown after their useful life.
  5. The future world will need greater amount of electricity than now for all the “clean energy” programs – so batteries are sighted for the future – all high polluting processes.
  6. Renewable energy is being strongly promoted – yet the solar panel production is by very high polluting process for a 15 to 25 years life span.
  7. “Green energy” cannot produce base load electricity in all circumstances.

In Summary – we see a clean solar panel and conclude – clean energy – the real pollution unseen. We have cleaned up our manufacturing by exporting our manufacturing to the third world countries – the pollution is unseen in Australia. Batteries that will store electricity to “guarantee” our base load – manufacturing them produces extremely high levels of pollution – the pollution is unseen in our cities. We see apparent smoke rising from coal power plants and conclude – toxic pollution – It is only water vapour from the cooling towers – the real pollution from the thin chimneys is mostly not seen by our eyes.


We should never commit to any future direction in regard to how we produce energy without the full examination of the entire process of making the various infrustructure and assets that will produce the energy. Until the whole construction of the assets that house and manufacture of the various components that produce the energy is considered in relation to the pollution that is caused during the construction and anufacturing processes. We call this pollution from the dirt to dirt processes as the componants produced and discarded once their useful life is expired.