Environment General

The C4C believes that the universe and all within it was created by God and we as Humans were instructed to tend to (care for) the whole of creation, therefore all environmental issues are very important as it is God given and sustains all life. It is our obligation to responsibly manage the environment which includes limiting pollution.

Climate Change

Though there has been much said about climate change it is not resolved, in our view, that human activity is a major factor in any climate change and that change is dangerously outside its normal warming and cooling cycles. This climate change, they argue, is both highly undesirable now for its attributed catastrophes today like droughts and, relying on computer model forecasts, they point to future ongoing catastrophes for humankind if it continues.

Some claim this recent climate change as almost entirely due to humans’ production of green-house gases, most notably increased atmospheric CO2 levels caused principally by both the combustion of fossil fuels and the planet’s reduced ability to absorb CO2 as the result of clearing of forests. (Note greenhouses are created by barriers that manage the environment within differently than the environment outside. No one has stated what the barrier precisely does and as such the claims are very incomplete) Also note high levels of CO2 should produce prolific plant growth that would remove the excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

The predictions so far have not come near the observable facts and there is significant evidence of warmings and coolings in the past with no actual verifiable catastrophic event that is agreed to.

The C4C:

  1. We accept that the scientific debate around climate change is unresolved, and in that sense the C4C remains agnostic in respect to many claimed scientific elements of the climate change debate.
  2. We are not indifferent to the economic welfare of Australian families, farmers and businesses. C4C will not commit itself to any course of action that is certain to damage economic prosperity if the hoped-for benefits to the environment are uncertain or disproportionately costly.
  3. We do not support carbon trading schemes as they are considered futile and create an unnecessary burden on our economy. (If something is wrong you stop it doing it and do not just tax it as a tax is blunt tool to change behaviour)
  4. We do not support Australia being a signatory to International agreements that are not in our best interests.
  5. We encourage the development of economic alternatives to fossil fuels and cleaner coal mining technologies.
  6. We consider that the expansion of coal exporting is unwise for many reasons and would assess how to cut back the rapid increase of mining and exporting of the coal, as it has many harmful impacts on our environment.
  7. We want to see a more balanced media treatment of the debate and issues surrounding climate change in school curriculum and the media.
  8. We support a forestry policy that balances sustainable environmental practices with the interests and long term viability of rural and regional forestry communities.
  9. We support programs that promote tree planting as many areas have been unwisely completely cleared of all trees.
  10. We support the implementation of viable programs to deal with the increased salt damage to agricultural land, with a view to recover the use of land affected by salt expansion