Christians for Community acknowledges the origin of education in Australia was commenced by the Christian Churches before the governments of Australia considered education to be important to ordinary Australians; we therefore consider that the Church has a strong role in the underpinning of moral code in the education of the people of Australia contary to the current direction that the government is taking Education.

Christians for Community recognises that the future of the nation lies in the hands of the children of today. To ensure the younger generation is fully empowered we acknowledge that education is one of the most key areas that must be addressed so as to produce the best possible outcome for all children irrespective of the educational ability of each child.

Education is to prepare a child for their future and there are 3 fundamentals that will assist all children in their future – the capacity to make a moral choice; the capacity to understand how to learn; and discipline of respect for others – These three principles will set up any person for a wholesome life irrespective of their vocation in life.


  • The C4C will support the continuation of Scripture in Schools so that moral values are established within the hearts and the minds of each and every student who attends the classes

  • The C4C will remove all aspects of the sexually explicit so called “Safe Schools Program” and remove anything of the erroneous gender fluid programs from the school programs.

  • The C4C will work towards a universal standard of education across the country offering all students equal opportunities.

  • The C4C will investigate the present “atar” etc. marking system with the aim to provide a more efficient and fair manner of grading based on the individual student’s personal merits and abilities.

  • The C4C will support teachers in the classroom by ensuring our curriculum is rigorous without being too prescriptive or overcrowded. While also focusing on subject areas best suited to providing employment in the future.

  • The C4C would help improve the education skill of teachers through more refresher courses and regular assessments.

  • The C4C will give parents, principals and school communities, greater management control of their schools – by encouraging a ‘students come first’ culture amongst staff and ensuring the delivery of better education outcomes at the local school level.

  • The C4C will continue current levels of funding for schools, indexed to deal with real increases in costs and we will ensure that money is targeted based on the social and economic situation of the local communities.

  • The C4C will make more investment in science education at primary schools.