By careful evaluation of the world around us we can see that the environment is balanced and also very natural corrective processes of some harsh events that are caused to our natural world. For example massive and destructive bushfires will see new growth established sometime after the fire event is over; as well we can find the reeds in our waterways can clean and extract some toxins from the water. Many of our shellfish are natural ocean cleaners of pollutants – yet this should not mean that we treat the environment unnecessarily harshly as all things do have a breaking point and let’s choose not to discover the point beyond recovery for our environment – for this is where we live and breathe for our very own existence.

The environment is important to the future of humanity as we know it and therefore we must do all we can to carefully look after it and to care for it. The elements and other minerals found on the planet need to be carefully used bearing in mind that there will be people following after us and we need to leave material for them as well as to leave the planet in as good a condition as possible. Good stewardship is when we do not consume ever thing we can but to consume only that which we must so that there is some left for others.

The basic principles are:

  • Pollute little, consume little, use only what is necessary, recycle all we can, reuse all we can, replenish as much as we can.
  • As such the excessive coal mining needs to be brought under control.
  • The coal seam gas exploration has dangers of contamination of groundwater must stop until a safe extraction method is found.
  • Farming lands must be protected from destructive mining and farming practices.
  • The oceans must not be polluted unnecessarily nor overly fished out.
  • Our forests are important and need to be replenished as some timbers are being used new ones must be growing.
  • The use of plastics must be restricted as they are not recyclable but are damaging.
  • The use of damaging chemicals as with the firefighting foams must cease and clean-ups must begin and where necessary compensation to affected people must commence in the immediate future.
  • There are many other issues needing careful consideration so as there is no long term damage.