The bush fires that have caused concerns throughout the whole of Australia demonstrate the need for many serious changes on how we prepare for the bush fires before they happen and strategies to manage them once they begin. Compliancy has crept in and so we dropped the ball before the “game began” let us never do that again. Untouched bushland and logged bushland must be treated differently – this policy deals with logged and thinned bushlands.

Policy Position:

·        Early preparation of making sure all assets are well protected by effective fire breaks long before the fire season begins. Penalties for non-compliance

·        Effective management of fuel in all bush lands by either controlled burning, physical removal of excess fuel, and or grazing by livestock.

·        Requirement of sufficient clear space from bush areas and housing and other building assets.

·        Greater emphasis on water management so that water is available to both protect from fires and to fight fires.

·        Greater funding to all Bushfire units for assets purchases and training.

·        Upgrade dangerous fires early to emergency level so as to trigger Military personnel early involvement in assisting to manage the fires.

·        Greater powers for firefighters to do what is necessary to stop or control bush fires.

·        Funding for volunteer fire fighters after 2 weeks of continuous firefighting activity.

·        Higher penalties for those caught lighting fires especially during fire ban periods and for all arson events.  

·        One authority dealing with road closures/warnings due to fire activity.