With the recent destruction caused by the massive bushfires we need to consider the native animals that dwel in our bushlands. Many animals have been killed and injured and their habitat has been destroyed by the fires and we have a God given responsiblity to look after these animals, which we have not done a very good job at all. We must develop policies to protect the habitat and the animals themselves.


  • As some species have limited habitats and cannot move quickly from danger greater protection must be extended to protect their habitat – eg. koalas
  • Logging in habitats of endangered species should not be permitted.
  • Devistation to habitats ned to be restored so that the native species are able to survive independently in the habitat.
  • Ferel animals need to be managed where possible by capture and re-farming of them.
  • Community forest product needs should come from regrowth forests as far as possible
  • Where a proposed development will adversly afect the habitat of native animals alternatives need to be entertained and if not possible then rehousing of the native animals into simular habitats will need to be carried out.